Thursday, August 26, 2010

Digital Frame

I received a digital frame as a gift a couple of months ago.

What a nifty piece of technology it is, and it is simple enough for a totally technology illiterate person to operate.

I am thinking it would make a good gift for a couple of older members of our family who have absolutely nothing to do with any modern technology at all - not even a cell phone.

After it is set up, all it requires from then on is turning it on, and changing the USB flashdrive to view different sets of photos.

I am always getting asked for photographs from these family members, but for the last ten years or so, they are all digital and are on the computer.

We can easily share them with other family members through the computer, but those without one are missing out.

And it is such a pain to go through the photos and have them printed through a lab.

Printing them ourselves is not an option with the high ink costs - not to mention trying to set the color profiles just right (I am really picky about that).

Sending flash drives through the mail with new pictures on them is much easier - and probably cheaper too.

Christmas gifts this year will be easy - now we will just have to watch the sales to get the best deals!

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