Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Sharing" Passwords

I have been hearing some news reports on the evening news that I find quite disturbing.

It seems that potential employers are requiring applicants to "share" their Facebook password with them.

These employers feel they have the right to know about this potential employee's social life.

If they are serious about working for the company, then this should be no problem according to them.

And since many people are desperate for a job, they are handing them over.

So much so, it is becoming the "thing" to do for employers.

Now, I do not see a problem with having them request a friendship so they can see how a potential employees acts.

But the password to their account is just crossing the line in my book.

It would never happen.

With all the cyber threats and identity theft out there, I feel this is just wrong.

Perhaps I am missing something here, and if anybody can enlighten me, I would appreciate it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Lawn Secret

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I knew there had to be one.

A secret to having a lush green lawn, that is.

And after reading about the Scotts® Snap® Spreader System, I am now in on that secret too.

We tried one year to get ours looking as gorgeous as the ones we see in the gardens around town, but it just wasn't happening.

It was a lot of work too, all for nothing but a few patches that looked good here and there.

That is because we didn't use the Snap Spreader.

This nifty unit perfectly spreads the fertilizer that lawns need.

You don't even have to try to figure it out with lots of numbers and measurements.

It automatically sets the correct rate at which it is spread across the grass.

No guessing or figuring required.

And no messes either.

The Snap Pac attaches to the spreader with no cutting or pouring.

And the best part - when you are done, it seals itself back up, keeping it fresh and ready for the next application.

It really doesn't get any easier, and I am anxious to give it a shot this season.

Not only will the lawn look great - it will be happy too with just the right amount of food.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Music Into the Phone

I have tons of music CD's.

I don't even listen to many of them any more - most only have a song or two that I care to listen to more than one time.

So it is time to get them all in order, and imported into my new phone.

iTunes is the only game in town when it comes to putting music on the iPhone, and I am finding it is a bit limiting.

The phone can only be synced with one PC.

I have music on two computers.  

Through my network, iTunes allows me to listen to the music on both of them through one computer, but I cannot "move" the songs onto the phone from the second PC.

That is just how it is.

So, since most of my music is on my old computer, that is the one I have synced the phone with.

But it only has 1 gig of space left on it - new songs from the CD's will eat that up with just a handful of songs.

So, moving the music onto an external hard drive was the only option available.

iTunes cannot run from the external drive, but it will access the music from it.

Which is just perfect - I have 40 gigs left on it and that's plenty.

So, after following the instructions that I found on this website,  my library now lives on the external drive, and the iPhone and iTunes have synced it with no problems.

The biggest "problem" I have though is of my own making.

The external drive needs to be turned on before iTunes is opened.

And that means, don't hook up the phone first either - it automatically opens iTunes as soon as it is attached to the PC.

Errors keep coming up when that happens - iTunes cannot find the library.

They say the memory is the first thing to go - I think I better write a note to remind myself about it.

To save myself the aggravation I keep inflicting on me.