Thursday, September 29, 2011

Update Browser

Man, was I out of date.

My browser of choice is Mozilla Firefox.

And the last major update I did on it was about six months ago - or so I thought.

I was using some version in the 4's, which I thought was fairly current.

But when one of the secure sites I visited warned me that my browser needed to be updated for security reasons, I checked out what was going on.

Firefox was up to version 7.

I was way out of the loop on that one, so update I did.

Quite a few of my plug-ins or add-ons no longer work now, and the layout on the toolbar has had some major changes.

But the speed of it all makes up for any of those inconveniences.

It flies - I can't believe I had been creeping along and not realizing it with the old version.

So, if you too are a Firefox fan, do yourself a favor, and update to version 7.

You are going to love it!


Monday, September 19, 2011

CMF Ads Closing

I had noticed that the CMF ad site was having a hard time loading this past weekend.

I figured they were doing some kind of maintenance on the site.

But I was finally able to get onto it this morning, and there was an info line across the top that read they were closing on October 31.

I was bummed to read that - I have been with them since the beginning, and have their boxes on all my blogs.

It hasn't been a big earner, but they were part of the network that I use for visiting other blogs.

They are stating that the normal cash-out routine will be in place until September 25th, then they will have a new system to finish up sending out the earnings before they close the site.

It is sad to loose them - the blogs on there were quality ones that you didn't have to worry about running into problems with.

A big thanks to the owners who have kept it running all this time and all the best to them in their future endeavors.

I will be removing my boxes as soon as the ads on them expire.


Friday, September 16, 2011

A Good Cleaning

I always keep the outside of my PC pretty clean - using the vacuum around the vents each each week to remove the dust.

The back is a wiring nightmare, and it usually gets no attention at all.

So when the power went out a couple of weeks ago, I decided to unplug the whole system and give it a good cleaning.

I was really astonished to see the condition of this poor CPU.

The outlet fan in the back had a very thick coating of dust - it was almost hidden.

All of the connection ports were full as well.

After that was cleaned up, I opened the the case to see the innards.

It was unbelievable - there was dust everywhere.

It had been about a year since I had taken it completely apart like this.

I thought I was getting a lot of it before it entered the unit by vacuuming the outside each week.

Guess I will be taking it apart more often.

It wasn't giving me any problems, why, I don't know.

If I was in that condition, I would be making sure everybody knew!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Easy Prints

I have always either printed my own photos or used an online lab to have them printed professionally.

But my son needed a few printed right off for the next day, and he couldn't see spending so much money on replacement inks for his printer when having them printed at a lab was so much cheaper.

So down to the pharmacy with the quick print service we went.

They have the computers that take the images from the flash cards and then print what you want.

I had never used one of these services before so it was a learning experience.

And it was so easy - the software allows a bit of processing - cropping, lighting, and a few color correction options.

They were printed within ten minutes and were only 29 cents per photo.

The print quality was fine for what he needed.

It's a good thing to keep in mind for a few quick photos, and it is so easy to use.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Trouble with Entrecard

I have been dropping cards with the Entrecard service for blog since it was first started.

My main blog, Photos by KML,  has always dropped the most and visted the most blogs each day.

As I started new blogs, I added them to that service also, dropping for them at a much lower rate.

I have run across sites that are sketchy, some that have problems now and again, and some that are jsut plain trouble.

I have learned through the years who to visit each day.

But even those blogs can have problems without the owners even being aware of it.

A link, an ad, or being hacked can cause problems for their visitors.

And after all these years, and all my precautions - firewall, virus protection, and malware protection, I still run into them.

I have four blogs on that system and between them drop about 200.

I used to drop close to 600, but have been cutting back over the past few months.

I use my computer for my businesses online, and I don't want to compromise it.

So, more cuts on the dropping will have to be done.

I will still drop, but it will be on the ones that I really trust.

It is a sad thing that people have to cause such problems for others.

Keep your protection updated and use it regularly.

It will save your computer.