Saturday, September 3, 2011

Trouble with Entrecard

I have been dropping cards with the Entrecard service for blog since it was first started.

My main blog, Photos by KML,  has always dropped the most and visted the most blogs each day.

As I started new blogs, I added them to that service also, dropping for them at a much lower rate.

I have run across sites that are sketchy, some that have problems now and again, and some that are jsut plain trouble.

I have learned through the years who to visit each day.

But even those blogs can have problems without the owners even being aware of it.

A link, an ad, or being hacked can cause problems for their visitors.

And after all these years, and all my precautions - firewall, virus protection, and malware protection, I still run into them.

I have four blogs on that system and between them drop about 200.

I used to drop close to 600, but have been cutting back over the past few months.

I use my computer for my businesses online, and I don't want to compromise it.

So, more cuts on the dropping will have to be done.

I will still drop, but it will be on the ones that I really trust.

It is a sad thing that people have to cause such problems for others.

Keep your protection updated and use it regularly.

It will save your computer.



  1. I hope that my 3 entrecard blogs are not giving you problems.if they are please tell me.

  2. No problems on any of yours, Mike. I open several at a time, so it is hard to pinpoint which one gave the warnings, but yours are all fine.