Monday, September 19, 2011

CMF Ads Closing

I had noticed that the CMF ad site was having a hard time loading this past weekend.

I figured they were doing some kind of maintenance on the site.

But I was finally able to get onto it this morning, and there was an info line across the top that read they were closing on October 31.

I was bummed to read that - I have been with them since the beginning, and have their boxes on all my blogs.

It hasn't been a big earner, but they were part of the network that I use for visiting other blogs.

They are stating that the normal cash-out routine will be in place until September 25th, then they will have a new system to finish up sending out the earnings before they close the site.

It is sad to loose them - the blogs on there were quality ones that you didn't have to worry about running into problems with.

A big thanks to the owners who have kept it running all this time and all the best to them in their future endeavors.

I will be removing my boxes as soon as the ads on them expire.


1 comment:

  1. Ben and Turnip did a fantastic job with CMF. It's a shame to see it close :-( I'm hoping all my favourite blogs move over to Project Wonderful so I can continue to advertise.