Monday, December 16, 2013

Amazing 3D Printers

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Makism for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Just when you think you have seen the best that technology has to offer, something new comes along that is even more awesome.

The 3D printers have been around for a while now, and it is pretty amazing to see what they can do.

But for the ordinary user, setting one up and getting everything to work has been quite an undertaking to say the least.

But that is all about to change with the Makism 3D Printers.

The Makism 3D Products come ready to use right out of the box.

And they are just as easy to set up and use as the inkjet printers that we all currently use now.

They can be connected to the computer by a USB cord or by wifi - it doesn't get any easier than that.

These 3D Wideboy printers from the Makism 3D Corp are also a sleek, elegant addition to any home office.

When I first saw it, I was reminded of a microwave oven - it looked very unlike the printers we are all used to.


 photo 352ec763-c67e-463c-8019-45b1ab230afb_zps29167f75.jpg


But what it can produce is simply astounding.

There are several different materials that can be used to make the required item.

The possibilities are endless to the creations that can be made with these printers.

I can see where they will get to the point that homes that use computers regularly will have one of these printers too.

The cost of them isn't too bad either - these Wideboys range from $1500 to $4000.

As awesome as these guys are now, I can only imagine what the future holds for them as the technology improves.

Check out the Makism website to see these out of this world printers for yourself.

And don't forget to share what you learned with your friends too!







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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Logitech Mouse

I love my new laptop.

And I love the touch pad mouse.

Even though I do find it a bit too sensitive at times, and that was after setting it up with my preferences.

The biggest job I use the laptop for is for processing my images with photoshop.

After using only the touch mouse for a couple of months, I plugged in an old wired mouse to see the difference.

Of course I had much more precise control with the hand held device than the touchpad - and photoshop needs precision.

So I was off to search for a decent, comfortable mouse for this laptop.

I tried many in the store, and finally decided on a Logitech M510.

It is very comfortable in the hand - that is one of the most important features since it will be held for long periods of time.

The wheel is smooth, and there are two buttons on the side for programming - which is a must for me too.

This mouse can be used on any surface - a handy feature for sure.

It is a wireless device with a little dongle that stays securely in the USB port on the side.

It can also be stored on the bottom of the mouse in the battery compartment.

The single battery will last for months as the mouse can be turned off when not in use.

 I like the choice of this mouse and I would recommend it if you are looking for an affordable, comfortable, and precise wireless mouse.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Landline Connecting to Cell Phone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Advanced American Telephones for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yes, we still have a landline - the same one we hooked up to over thirty years ago when we first moved into our home.

The phones have changed - from corded ones to cordless ones and built-in answering machines and caller id too.

We have tried all types of them through the years.

And we were ready to purchase a new one again as the lifespan of our current one was nearing it's end.

The AT&T CLP99383 3 Handset Connect to Cell Answering System has just entered our lives.

And once again, technology has us amazed with what this handy system can do.

It uses our landline phone to connect to our cell phones by using Bluetooth technology that is in all of the devices.

It sounded really confusing at first, but following the directions to set up this system was quite easy and straight forward.

The base unit contains a digital answering system for the landline that can be accessed by each of the handsets.

The cell phones can be accessed by any of the handsets also.

Two cell phones are allowed to be set up through the Bluetooth, and each of them plus the landline can all be used at the same time.

I was able to download all the contacts in my cell phone into the phone base directory through the bluetooth.

That was a huge timesaver.

So when one of my contacts calls my cell phone, this phone system announces who it is that is calling.

And I can tell it is a cell phone call instead of a land line call because my cell ring tone comes over the speakers in this system.

Depending on which type of call coming through, there is a light that blinks on the handset so you know which one to answer, and push the appropriate flashing light to connect.

We always use the speaker phone on our cells, and these handsets also allow us to continue using that feature that we love.

The base of the phone has a built-in USB dock so we can charge our cell phones from the unit - a pretty handy feature.

I haven't set up the mobile notifications feature yet, but this system will also let you know when your cell phone receives a text, email, or social media update as well as calendar reminders.

I find this multi-line system to be quite easy to use, and if I had an office with several people using the phones, I can see where this system would be a great asset - I love it in my home!

Check out the CLP99383 at AT&T to see how it can simplify and organize your life too!


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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Phone Maps

I have to admit that I am very challenged when it comes to following a map.

I can read it and get a good idea where I am supposed to go, but when actually applying it to the road, it just doesn't look the same.

Unless the map is very detailed, which most aren't, then I have a hard time with them.

After being the co-pilot and not happily the navigator with the map, I resorted to my phone.

The map app on my iPhone to the rescue!

It can be easily read.

The details are astounding and I don't need my glasses to see it.

And I never get lost.

As long as I know my destination, I can get there with my phone leading the way.

And when I get there, just turning off the app is all that is needed.

No more trying to figure out how to fold those crazy maps to get them back in their folders.

Being the navigator is something I look forward to now!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Speakers for the Discerning Ear

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bang & Olufsen for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo pic17_zpsc2efd61e.jpg

The quality and precision for driving that comes in an Audi or BMW is just a given fact.

So one would only expect to find an exceptional audio experience as well.

And they do with the Bang & Olufsen audio system which delivers acoustic sound like no other.

And since May 15, 2013, consumers have been able to obtain that same outstanding sound experience in their homes.

Bang & Olufsen has developed the BeoLab 14 surround system that works with any brand of TV or surround receiver.

Small on space but big on sound, there are two systems available, depending on your TV.

If you already own a Bang & Olufsen TV, then there are five speakers to set up as the built-in one in the TV functions as a speaker in the surround sound system.

For all the other brands, there are six speakers to set up - the subwoofer and the five satellites.

Regardless of the different set-ups, the subwoofer is the heart of the system.

It delivers 280 watts of  dedicated power and it's stylish design uses minimal space that compliments any decor.

It also contains five 140 watt amplifiers with separate equalizers for each of the five satellite speakers.

Keeping the satellite speakers separated from their dedicated amps is what makes them sound outstanding.

These satellites are small - 16 cm in diameter, and integrating them into any decor is easy - they can be hung on the wall, placed on table or floor stands, or hung from the ceiling with brackets.

This system is easy to set up and connect right out of the box.

These compact new speakers have been tuned and tested by a listening panel in a Listening Room.

B&O uses only the very best components that deliver sound that is closest to what the original artist wanted us to hear.

Filling our rooms with the most natural, expansive sound is their goal.

And what more could those of us with discerning ears ask for?


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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Loving Windows 8

It was a big decision.

And I had been looking around for quite a while.

My working computer is five years old now, and I still use the Windows XP operating system.

My son's computer has Vista which I have checked out but never really got into it.

A new laptop has now joined the network in our house.

And it has Windows 8.

I was concerned about it as I have heard that many people do not like it and find it confusing to use.

I was afraid that my current programs would not work and I would have to invest in updated ones.

 I was afraid I wouldn't be able to run my business and websites on it either because I thought it ran on mostly apps and it was hard to get back to what I was used to.

But I really had no worries once I started using it.

My programs all work fine even my Photoshop 7 which doesn't work on Vista and on only some versions of 7.

There are no problems with accessing and running my websites and business software either.

And Window 8 - I really like it!

It's like having a tablet with all it's apps and a laptop computer all in one.

And you just have to hit the "start" key to toggle back and forth between the two.

The apps are much the same as my iPhone and tablet so everything stays updated on every device - especially my books and music.

Much of the back end of getting into the computer files remains the same as in XP.

There are many cool features that Windows 8 offers and I am learning more each day.

I am excited about my new laptop and can't wait to give out all the details.

So don't be afraid of Windows 8 - keep an open mind and you will find it is fun and not very hard to understand.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finally A Choice Made

We spent a lot of time reading reviews, checking our finances, and coming to a decision as to what type of DVD system or surround sound system that we would like.

It had finally gotten to the point that we couldn't put up with the speaker in the TV any longer.

We spent time in the electronics stores listening to the different brands.

We checked out the component systems too, which we really liked, but our pocketbook did not.

So that whole style of set-up was ruled out.

Now we knew we needed the surround sound type of set-up.

Since we also needed the DVD player, we needed to decide on what style of that too.

We elected to go with a blu-ray player since it also plays regular DVDs which we have plenty of.

And it really wasn't all that more expensive to go with that type.

We listened to some pretty bad systems, even though they were in our price range.

And the really awesome ones were too expensive.

So we chose to go with a Pioneer system, which has always offered quality products for a reasonable price.

It has 1100 watts, is blue-ray, has a dock for my iPhone, and it has built-in wifi so we can stream movies from online to our TV.

That was the really cool part that we had never even considered in the beginning of our search.

It took a whole day to get everything set up correctly, and learn how to use the machine with the TV and also the VCR as we still have loads of VHS tapes too.

It was well worth the work and effort, and we love the sound of this system.

It retails for $399, and we picked it up, brand new in the box, for $274 shipped to us.

All is working great - I just now need to figure out the wifi streaming part and sign up with one of the online software companies that came included in the system.

We are pleased with our choice and so is the pocketbook!