Saturday, January 12, 2019

To HTTPS or Not

In the last couple of years, secure, encrypted websites are being pushed as the norm.

This isn't a bad thing for any website that uses or collects any personal, confidential, or financial information from the visitor.

It's a layer of security that is needed on the internet today.

Most browsers will indicate if a website is encrypted by a green or red warning in the URL.

In a recent study, it was found that 28% of internet users regularly look to see if they are visiting a secure website.

I picked this habit up many years ago by looking at each web address to see if it started with HTTPS.

I knew it was an encrypted site, and most likely a safe place to visit.

I just recently changed my blogger blogs over to HTTPS.

Not that it really matters on my blogs - there is no pertinent information that my visitors need to log in with or give to me.

I think it will become more of an issue with all websites as time goes on, so I'm just as glad to have it taken care of now.

Most self hosted websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites will have to have it added as an extra option - and it can get expensive to add an SSL certificate to the site.

I am seeing this on my one self hosted wordpress blog.

But since it is only a blog, I will not worry about it at this time.

 I am just appreciative that Google includes the HTTPS option on their blog hosting platforms.

It helps the website owners and their visitors to feel a bit safer.