Monday, May 21, 2012

New DNA Profile

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I have always wondered about by genetic makeup.

I can trace by family genes back to just a couple of generations, and I have given thought in recent years to having my ancestrial profile done.

I have ancestors from across Europe on both sides of my parents, but I also have a healthy dose of American Indian, and I would love to explore that branch of my makeup to see where my family fits in with this great land.

The only thing about this type of test though, it is quite expensive.

There is an alternative though that could have some interesting results that our family might have fun checking out.

It is called ConnectMyDNA™ and it tracks each person's unique profile on a Gene Ring.

Nobody's rings are the same - each marker on it represents certain gene values for each person's DNA.

Once they have your results, they are compared with other population groups to see which ones you have similarities with.

The test doesn't give any ancestry results, but it does give interesting correlations that you have with other countries and people around the world.

Finding what populations that you have connections with through this type of DNS testing may have you inquiring more about certain geographical locations that you would not have thought about connecting with before.

By using this code: IZEA290512, you can have this testing done for just $29.00.

The company uses serial numbers, not names, to track the DNA tests - no sensitive infomation is shared.

Check out the site to see what it is all about - you may find you have some new connections around the world!

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