Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Loving Windows 8

It was a big decision.

And I had been looking around for quite a while.

My working computer is five years old now, and I still use the Windows XP operating system.

My son's computer has Vista which I have checked out but never really got into it.

A new laptop has now joined the network in our house.

And it has Windows 8.

I was concerned about it as I have heard that many people do not like it and find it confusing to use.

I was afraid that my current programs would not work and I would have to invest in updated ones.

 I was afraid I wouldn't be able to run my business and websites on it either because I thought it ran on mostly apps and it was hard to get back to what I was used to.

But I really had no worries once I started using it.

My programs all work fine even my Photoshop 7 which doesn't work on Vista and on only some versions of 7.

There are no problems with accessing and running my websites and business software either.

And Window 8 - I really like it!

It's like having a tablet with all it's apps and a laptop computer all in one.

And you just have to hit the "start" key to toggle back and forth between the two.

The apps are much the same as my iPhone and tablet so everything stays updated on every device - especially my books and music.

Much of the back end of getting into the computer files remains the same as in XP.

There are many cool features that Windows 8 offers and I am learning more each day.

I am excited about my new laptop and can't wait to give out all the details.

So don't be afraid of Windows 8 - keep an open mind and you will find it is fun and not very hard to understand.