Sunday, February 23, 2014

No Contract for Now

For years we have kept the same provider for our cell phone service.

Every two years, a new phone and a new contract.

This time around, we are making a different decision.

The phones, especially my iPhone, are in great shape, and they both still work as if they are brand new.

And with all the different ways they are offering cell phone service these days, we are taking the non-commitment path.

And we are saving quite a bit of money while getting more minutes, texts, and data.

 And because we don't need the new phones - they're making it cheaper.

This fits the bill for us at this time in our lives.

I am glad that two years ago, I went with a good phone.

I really don't see the need to upgrade to the next one - mine does all it needs to for us.

Since it is a month to month plan, we will stick with it for a bit.

If things don't change, and if we don't need to change, it should be perfect for quite a while.