Thursday, August 19, 2010

Edit the CSS Code

I finally found the code for the date box on the new template.

I do not have a load of experience with CSS, most of it has been a learn as you go thing.

I have to give credit to the author who designed this template.

The code was organized so perfectly - it wasn't put together with pieces here and there which would have made it almost impossible to find.

I can remember the first time I dealt with this kind of code.

I was just copying and posting whatever the tech said I had to do to make it work.

And they told me at the time it didn't matter where it went just a long as it was between the header and the footer.

Man, looking back now, that code page was a disaster - but it worked.

I really appreciated the way the author had this one composed.

It's one of those behind the scenes things that we never think of - even with computer code.

But we certainly know when it doesn't work.

Just a big thanks to the author - you did a great job!

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