Saturday, August 14, 2010


A very sore subject with me lately.

I had an old Canon workhorse that was designed when windows 98 was around.

It didn't work with Windows XP, but some smart cookie made up a program that allowed it to, and I was able to happily continue using it for many years.

I purchased another canon printer about 4 years ago - it lasted about two.

I have since gone through two epsons and am on my third one.

I purchased it brand new on sale for around fifty dollars.

I needed ink refills - and wouldn't you know - they cost more than the &*$#@(* printer itself.

And I can only use the brand name ones.

I found this out after wasting money on non-brand name ones that were supposed to work.

The companies have designed a chip in each refill - and the printer reads this chip and it will only work if it is the brand name cartridge.

What a racket these printer companies are running.

I bought some refills, but that printer only gets used very occasionally.

I have purchsed a canon laser printer for my business needs, and that thing is great.

No color - but oh yeah, I got the epson with the golden cartridges for that.

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