Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hex Codes

I had no idea what a hex code was when I first started to learn about coding.

I knew what a hex wrench was - a tool my husband used for certain types of screws.

Couldn't see what that had to do with web pages on computer.

It took some researching, but I was able to find out exactly what it was - and how simple they were to use.

Hex codes are used to design color on web pages.

Any color on a web page has a hex code that defines that color.

It is a six digit series of number and letters.

Each number and letter represents the blue, green, and red colors, and the intensity of it.

When coding in html, and css, there will be a "#" mark before the code so it is easy to find these hex codes.

There are many color hex codes charts on the web, and a small amount of the colors can be found here on the wiki.

The html goodies website also has some helpful info on color codes.

There are basic colors that are considered "safe" for most programs, operating systems, and browsers.

When one starts getting too fancy, the colors sometimes "do not compute" on another person's computer quite the same.

Of course "color management" for a computer monitor is another story all together.

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