Monday, October 11, 2010

System Battery

Just when one computer starts to feel better, another one in the household begins to have problems.

For the last week, my husband's computer, which is about the same age as my back-up computer, has not been keeping time.

This machine, about 10 years old, is used mostly to browse the internet.

Plenty of storage space, and not a lot of programs on this machine.

Now, you would think that the system clock would be updated each time the machine is connected to the internet, and with DSL, it always is.

Even when we do a direct update under the date and time program in the control panel, the clock still lags and the date also gets left behind.

And it just got to the point that the machine would not even boot up in the morning.

It would not even try to. It would just sit there quite dead.

We had a hard time finding the correct battery that was needed, but we finally did, and bought two of them - I suppose it must be about time for mine to go too.

It was very easy to find on the motherboard, so changing it was no problem

After a thorough cleaning we hooked it all back up again and fired her up.

She recognized the changed battery and we had to manually set the system clock before the computer would even begin to boot up.

It was so good to see that this was a simple fix.

The computer is happy, and best of all, the user is too pleased to have everything back to normal.

I just hope the next problem is this easy!

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