Monday, October 4, 2010

Perhaps it is the Ram?

Okay, from my last post, I thought perhaps a good cleaning had cured my computer from it's new ailment.

It certainly didn't hurt it, but the going on and staying on only lasted for two days, then she was back to her old tricks - sometimes she wouldn't even make it through the whole boot-up routine.

Back to the drawing board - the internet search engines.

I read in a couple of different places that loose ram could be a cause of a computer just shutting down.

I was thinking, I really don't think that is the case.

I remember when we upgraded the unit many years ago, it was a real job to get those ram pieces in and out of their slots.

They are secured by a clip on each side, so I really didn't see how they could possibly have come loose.

But, since they are easy enough to locate on the motherboard, I checked them.

Gave both of them a little jiggle and made sure they were in tight.

They seemed pretty secure to me.

Don't know how they could have wiggled out of their slots anyway.

So, the computer has been sitting open, next to the desk for the last two days.

All has been great with it.

No shutting down.

No problems what so ever.

But it has only been two days - just like last time.

I will give it a few more days before I button it back up and put it back beside the table.

Since it wasn't the dust, I am really hoping the jiggling of that ram fixed her up.

Time will tell!

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