Sunday, October 31, 2010

Keeping up With Virus Software

We have several computers in our house, and they are not all on the same renewal time for their virus software.

Three are on one license, and three are on another one that expires sometime after the new year.

I use the Norton Internet Security for the virus protection and the firewall.

I do not want the 360 protection software or any other upgrade they keep trying to force on me.

And it costs the same price as the 1 year subscription renewal so I am sure they get many takers on their offer.

The one I use already takes too much control of my computer, I can only imagine what the upgrade does.

Seeing the list of all its "accomplishments" really scared me - I would never be able to get into my computer if I installed it.

My son has the Vista operating system on his, and I find that quite restricting - I wouldn't want him to make it more so with this upgrade.

Hopefully they just keep letting us renew each year, but I think that option will be going away in the future.

I dread the day we HAVE to do that upgrade.

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