Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Game System

For years our family has used the Playstation console to play video games.

The family has tons of games - most of the ones from the older console can be used on the newer machine.

Well, the current unit has begun to have a few problems.

Perhaps from too much use or just age itself, so the search began for a new console.

If we stayed with our current brand, the unit was going to cost between $350-$400.

We didn't see much use in picking up another used system like we have because it would be just as old as the one we already use.

My son decided that since he was buying it, he was going for the best deal he could find.

We now have an Xbox 360.

I really don't see much difference between it and the Playstation.

The graphics are a bit better.

Storage space on the hard drive is easier to use than the individual cards on the old system.

It was quite a bit less expensive for this system.

And I really like the wireless controllers. The rechargeable batteries last quite a while in them too.

Even with the hard drive, I don't see where this system is any faster than the old one though.

And the biggest problem we have - we don't have many games to chose from in our house at the moment.

But, as long as everyone is happy, I guess that is all that matters.

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