Saturday, July 16, 2011

Web Cam

We received a new web cam as a gift from our daughter last week.

I had one on the first computer we owned many years ago, but I never had much use for it, so I never added one to any of the other computers we purchased.

Things have certainly changed since those early cams, and I must say I was quite surprised.

We both installed them on our computers at the same time and since it is a Microsoft HD LifeCam, we elected to go with the Windows Live Messenger as the software to converse with.

It was pretty easy to set up, and the video quality of this cam is really good.

It has autofocus so there is no need to worry about moving around.

The colors and the sharpness are great.

It is attached to the computer by a USB cord that has plenty of length so it can be moved around if needed.

The wide angle lens captures plenty, and the built-in rubberized adjustable stand on the cam means it can be placed pretty much any where securely.

The best thing about this little piece of technology - we get to "see" our daughter and grandson "live".

The interaction is just grand.

And it's all free over the computer connection online.

I can't help thinking of that cartoon series, "The Jetsons", when they could see each other over the telephone.

We all thought it was a hoot back then, some futuristic thing that we never thought would happen.

George and his family lived in the year 2060 - I can just imagine what things will be like in the real 2060's since we have most of his gadgets now.


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