Friday, July 1, 2011

Recycle Those Old Gadgets

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Electronics are very time sensitive items and purchases.

What is the newest breaking edge technology today is a has-been, outdated item tomorrow.

That goes for everything - cell phones, computers, digital cameras, computer monitors, movies, calculators - just about every kind of electronic device you can think of.

And what do we do with all of our out dated electronics - mostly store them or put them aside and deal with them later.

Some of us try to sell them and some of us donate them to a good cause.

But for the most part, they just hang around until we decide to dispose of them.

Which in most areas, you can't just "throw" them away - there are too many parts in them that are hazardous to the environment.

So, why not recycle them, and perhaps earn a few bucks from them at the same time.

The website can help you with that.

They were founded in 2006, and they have helped over 175,000 people dispose of their old electronics responsibly.

Shipping is free on items of value, and they will send you the box.

They make sure that all of your data is removed from the item before it is put to reuse or recycled.

They have kept over 300 tons of electronic waste out of landfills last year by recycling them.

With several payment options available for your unused electronics, it's a win situation for everyone.

Check them out to see if they can help you!


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