Friday, July 8, 2011

Memory Cards

There are so many kinds of memory cards on the market depending on the gadget they are used in.

Once you find the one you need, then you need to decide on the size you want.

Then you need to decide on the speed - if it's for video, only the fast ones will get the job done correctly.

And now enter a new type.

The one with WIFI built into in.

It automatically sends the photos and videos to your PC or online - straight from the camera.

If it's online storage, you can upload from where ever you are with a WIFI connection.

That's just wild.

And I am sure that the lady who had her camera stolen was awfully happy she had one of these cards in it.

The fools who took it had their mugs plastered all over her online photo storage.

She recognized them from the place where the camera went missing and was able to get it back.

They had no clue the card did them in.

Technology is grand!


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