Monday, March 21, 2011

No More Scales

I heard it on the radio today - the scale now has a new name.
It is called the Measurement of Health.
Evidently there is a new gadget in the scale department, and it does everything except feed and exercise you.
It measures weight, water content in the body, fat content in the body, bmi, along with several other measurements, and it can send it to your iphone.
And if you are really proud of those numbers - you can have it sent to Twitter and share it with the world.
I can't ever see that happening, but I am sure there are plenty who do.
This scale takes measurements from your feet and hands that go in handholds.
An electronic beam is sent from one foot and it travels through the body and comes out the other foot.
And supposedly it uses the info it gathers to calculate all these measurements.
And one other thing - they will not put out a new scale on the market that doesn't measure to at least 440 pounds.
We all need to get ourselves in shape - but I think the old fashioned way will work just fine in that area.
I really don't care to know the fat content of my right arm, and I certainly don't need it broadcast on Twitter!

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