Friday, March 11, 2011

Ipod or Nano

I have never given the Ipod a second thought.
My last couple of cell phones had the capabilities of storing and playing music, so I didn't need anything else.
But I have been looking at them lately - mainly because we have a clock that has a base for one, and it would be nice to hear the music I like rather than the radio it has.
So, I started checking them out online.
My goodness, I could not believe there were so many choices - I had to get my son in on it to help me out.
There are classic ones, touch ones, nano ones, and then there are many generations of each one of those.
The very newest ones - the touch versions, won't work with the clock.
One version of the nanos was too fat for the base.
So, we made a list of the ones that would work.
Now, I need to decide the size or gb of the memory or storage space.
I don't mind the idea of a used unit either.
And did I mention I was frugal - it has to be a good deal since it is something I really don't need.
Guess I will have to spend some time combing the internet and auctions to see what I can find.
At least I have a direction now - even though the choices are still way too many.

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