Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hit With Malware Again

One of the computers in our home has been hit with malware again.

Even though the malware software had been kept updated, since it isn't run in the background to catch the problem before it infects the computer, it was pretty useless once it had struck.

We tried downloading the removal program again with a flash drive and only ended up infecting that device too.

It was a tough one to remove, but we eventually beat it running, right after booting up, and were able to update and run the malware remover program.

They are getting nastier and harder to remove from the system.

The computer was being used as it usually was - no new websites visited or pages viewed that brought it up.

I am almost tempted to purchase the version of the malware remover program that runs in the background - that would prevent it from becoming infected in the first place.

But the conflicts I have encountered when running more programs in the "background" has caused too many problems also.

Sounds like we have the choice of two evils - not sure what to do at the moment.

One thing is for sure - that flash drive is being trashed - don't want to infect the other computers by accident.

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