Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hacked Again

I have run an internet ecommerce site for over six years.

Perhaps I have just been very lucky, but I have had not problems with it.

A few minor blips along the way - but not anything that I couldn't figure out with my limited coding knowledge and the forums with all the info.

My site was hacked for the first time in December.

My hosting company had an uninfected back up and we were able to get it back up and running.

Yesterday it was struck again.

My host supposedly didn't have a backup, but I had one that I was able to use to track down the corrupted files.

Two full days have been spent on this work.

I have made some security additions that I hope will help.

If I understood the coding and how it all worked, it probably wouldn't have taken so long.

I messed up my site so many times while adding these security codes and it was quite frustrating.

One thing I made sure I did though, was to back up the individual files as I went along, and document each piece of code as I changed, deleted, and added it.

That is the ticket - back-up and document.

It saved me several times today.

And just because everything worked very well for other members of the forum doesn't mean it is going to work for you.

So many little details that the coders don't mention - it is just second nature to them so they don't think about it.

Being a bit experimental, I was able to take some chances - after all, I had my back-up, and I wrote down what I was doing.

All is well now, and the functions are all working properly.

What a day - my eyes are seeing double, and the code in my brain is starting to make sense.

Fingers are crossed!

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