Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fix the Internet Connection

One more post about the malware that struck one of the computers in our home last week.

After it was removed from the system and all the scanners had run and the machine had rebooted, we tried getting on the internet.

Firefox is our browser of choice - it wouldn't connect to the internet.

Internet Explorer was the next choice - no go there either.

Since Google's Chrome had been loaded on this computer - it was tried also.

None of them would connect - all gave connection errors when we tried.

Back to the computer we went to check the internet connection options.

It is found in the control panel.

After opening it, we went and viewed under the connections tab.

And wouldn't you know, that malware had enabled the LAN options for connecting to the internet.

Once we disabled that option - all the browsers could connect with no problems.

A simple fix that was easy to find.

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