Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Tablets

There have been some new devices on the market lately that have been catching my eye.

I have always been interested in those e-readers that can hold hundreds of books, and I keep telling myself that someday, when I have more time for reading, I am going to get one.

Now, enter these new tablet devices.

No two are the same - and they all offer different features.

Some just sit on the counter or desktop and stream info from a Wifi connection.

Some have e-readers in them (nice!)

Some have cameras in them (very nice!)

And some are just like a laptop without all the bulk.

They are very portable - using wifi internet connections everywhere.

Some fit in your pocket, others in a shoulder bag.

All different sizes, features, and price ranges.

If I keep waiting, as I have regarding the e-reader, there will soon be one that does everything - that will make the choosing a lot easier.

But it does make one wonder, what will they come up with next?

It is a grand time we live in!

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