Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Automatic Updates

It seems that every program on our computers that connects to the internet wants to automatically update itself when they get the call from their creators.

Well, I do not like this at all.

Most of them have the courtesy to ask before they do, but not all of them do.

The operating system and the virus ones both do as they want, when they want, and I really don't mind those ones.

They just slow the system down as they update, so it would be nice to know they are working instead of just having them "running quietly" in the background.

If for some reason your computer gets any kind of malware or virus software on it, some of them will want to "update" too.

One of the computers in our house has a "virus protection" program that wants to automatically run and update - only it is not a legitimate virus protection program.

Not sure when it "became" an icon on the desktop or from where it came, but it needed to be removed.

The virus scanner and malware scanner didn't catch it, but I know it didn't belong there - we never purchased or installed this program.

We tend to be quite wary as we browse the internet, and this was a surprise.

They are getting trickier so we need to keep aware!

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