Friday, December 24, 2010

Facebook Changes

I am just getting back from working on my Facebook page.

I set it up almost 2 years ago to use in conjunction with my photo website.

As I added more blogs, I loved how I was able to interface them with the feeds and the boxes and the tabs.

I had everything in one place and used several apps to update and post to my wall.

All was going well - I loved using Facebook.

Then they did away with the boxes.

OK, I could handle that, just added a few tabs to take their place.

Then they slowly started removing some of the availability of the apps.

I could get around that too.

They changed the wall style and hid some of the tabs.

No problem - they were still there, just not out in full view.

Now they are changing the whole profile, and stupid me had to go check it out.

I wanted to see what I would have to "fix" this time.

Well - everything is gone now - no tabs, no links, none of my blogs are there or any of my friend's blogs that I loved to browse through.

And there is no going back.

Once I hit that button to preview the new changes, that was it.

I am now stuck with it.

I am thoroughly disgusted with these changes.

Everything is gone that I built on my page.

It really sucks and I don't see the use of dealing with it in the same way I have used it in the past.

I have set up a page for my Photos by KML site only that will update from the photo blog.

But that is the only one that will show, as I can only link to that one blog - it is more of a business page.

It still has the old look to it - but I wonder how long that will last.

But I suppose - this is a free site to use - you get what you pay for.

I welcome you to "like" my facebook page at the above link, and thanks for stopping by!

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