Sunday, December 23, 2012

In Search Of

The DVD player with surround sound has bit the dust.

We have had it for about six years, and it wasn't one of the better ones, so I guess it was time.

But now we have no speakers for the TV as we had it running through that player for the better sound quality than the speakers on the TV.

So we have been in search of a new home theater system and DVD player.

There are so many different kinds and choices.

We have been thinking about a blu-ray, but they are rather pricey.

We have also given thought to going with a component system rather than running everything through the DVD player for the sound.

That way, once something goes, we only have to replace that part, not the whole system as we have to do now.

No matter which way we go, the prices are high on all these items.

We are keeping our options open, and are considering used also.

We are really hoping someone gets a new system for Christmas, and will be selling their old one.

The search will continue, and I will let you all know what we end up with.

And of course, how we were able to piece it all together - the blend of old and new technology that we have now.

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