Friday, November 16, 2012

Discovering Pinterest

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Not sure how long Pinterest has been around, but I have just recently discovered it.

And it is a blast - in my opinion anyway.

I cannot believe how much is connected through these "photos" that get posted to the different boards.

Anything at all that you can think of searching for on the internet can be "pinned" for later use, viewing pleasure, promotion, or just plain bookmarking and sharing.

I have found I can post many of my images for sale and my blog posts - and it is a free promotional tool when used this way.

But there is so much more.

Find a recipe you want to try - pin it and get back to it later - the link on the photo will take you to the sight online where it is posted.

Want to start a list of your favorite movies or books - you can easily do that.

Planning a wedding, party, reunion, or vacation - it's all covered.

Hobbies, sports, animals, cars, space, celebrities, quotes, home decorating, art, tech stuff, anything at all is there just waiting to be discovered in a photo.

It is addicting - I have 83 boards already and over 4000 pins - and new ideas for boards are just waiting to be created.

You can find me here - follow along with me if you like.

I have great boards filled with awesome pins - I am picky and only take the best I find in all my subjects.

And I love that I can do it from my computer, cell phone, or best of all my tablet - where the images are big and bright and I am comfy in my evening chair.

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