Saturday, April 7, 2012

Technology in a Shredder by #FellowesInc

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Any one who works in an office, or owns one of their own, knows how necessary it is to have a paper shredder as part of their office equipmemt.

Even in our daily lives, we know that it is important to just about completely obliterate certain papers that end up in the trash.

Identity theft is a big problem, and doing everything we can to protect ourselves is very important.

Ripping up most of the stuff is okay, but having a shredder that can make a sheet of paper into a pile of 399 pieces is quite the thing.

With the cross-cut technology in the Fellowes 79Ci, it makes it pretty hard to put all those pieces back together to get any of that personal information.

And when those shredders get jammed it really puts a kink in the work schedule.

Spending time to un-jam it is not only a pain, but it is also dangerous.

And sticking other things in there to help clear the jam can end up breaking the machine altogether.

This new model made by Fellowes is 100% jam proof.

It has the technology built into it that it knows when a jam is about to occur before it even happens.

It has a sensor in it that measures the thickness of the papers, and it knows to automatically stop when it is too much.

Now, that is a time saver in any office.

And when it itime to shred the papers in the office - it can be done anytime.

The SilentShred technology in the 79Ci is whisper quiet so nobody gets disturbed or upset at the one doing the shredding.

And just in case your fingers touch the paper opening of the shredder, there is a sensor with SafeSense technology that automatically stops the shredder.

Keeping fingers safe, stopping jams before they happen, superior cross-cutting, and ever so quiet operation makes this Fellowes 79Ci a must for any office.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think of them and which technology you love the most about them.

I like them all - it's a hard choice!

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