Friday, April 20, 2012

E-Library Books

My smartphone just keeps getting better and better.

From past posts, you know that I love the e-reader capabilities that it has.

And it has just gone up another notch in my opinion.

My small local library is part of a larger library organization in my state that offers downloadable books for computers, phones, and tablets.

They have all the new ones, and they are downloaded for a set amount of time - just like the physical books in a library.

But since the whole state is involved, many of the books are already "checked" out.

So you put yourself on a waiting list for the more popular ones.

The one I wanted put me as number 63, and a week later, I am down to 56.

It's going to take awhile for that one, but I was able to find a different one that was available right away.

It is really a cool way to "borrow" books.

And they have tons of audio ones too if one would rather listen to the books being read.

All I had to do to sign up was dig out my old library card - the numbers on it were still valid after all these years.

Technology just keeps getting better all the time!

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