Friday, February 24, 2012

iPhone 4S

In my last post I was worried about making the wrong decision on a new smartphone.

I chose the iPhone 4S and there has not been one regret.

I have only had it for three days now, and I really love this little piece of technology.

I can't believe all the stuff it does, and all the apps that make doing it so much easier.

I love the e-reader in it.

I love the camera - 8 megapixels with great clarity, color, and sharpness.

I love the apps that help in daily life.

I love the overall ease of use of this phone.

There are no glitches or lagging that I have noticed with the android phones.

Everything in it is smooth and flowing.

The sound and voice quality is the best I have heard in a cell phone.

I really love this phone - she even looks beautiful.

And best of all - it is small enough to still fit in my jeans pocket - many of the androids are much too big to do that.


  1. I got an iPhone 4 over a year ago and I love the thing. I was actually considering trying another phone when my contract comes due, but after reading your own experience with Android, I think I'll keep the iPhone.

    I LOVE the eReader on it, too!

  2. Most of the iPhone users are satisfied with the overall experience that iPhone brings.