Sunday, February 19, 2012

Finally A Decision

The time has come - the new cell phone plan with devices is about to be signed.

We have spent quite a bit of time looking at our options.

And trying to decide what we all wanted to purchase.

Four out of the five are going with smartphones.

Since my husband and I are together most of the time, we can share mine.

Finding a "dumb" phone is a pain though - there are not many choices - I think his current one is better than any of the new ones out there.

I finally decided on the iPhone 4S.

It was a hard choice between it and the LG Nitro, which has superior resolution and a faster processor.

The cameras and videos are the same and both operating systems were given good reviews.

The iOS5 on the iPhone was thought to be slightly better than the Android.

The size of the iPhone is about the same as my current phone.

The LG is huge - there is no way it is fitting in my jeans pocket.

But it would be nicer as an e-reader with the bigger screen.

And the screen isn't glass like the iPhone's is.

It was really a tough decision, and I am hoping a made the one.

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