Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fast Moving Technology

I always knew that the technology of today is pretty much "old" the next week.

An exaggeration, for sure, but it really does move fast.

I listened to an NPR story this past weekend, and they were talking about software and computer components that were over ten years old.

They were considered ancient.

And today's technology cannot run those old programs.

Today's internet browsers are way too advanced to run any part of the internet that existed over ten years ago.

They had to use old machines to run that old internet at this conference they were having, and even then, they had to "recode" some of the code in order to get things to run.

They were looking everywhere they could think of to get their hands on some of these old computers and components so they could run the "old internet"

These ten year old machines are now part of history, and finding them to preserve for future generations to observe is becoming a difficult task.

I can remember doing upgrades, there were so many discarded machines out there, we had to pay at the local dump in order for them to take them.

You couldn't even give them away to anyone.

Wish I had kept my first one with internet and Windows 3.1 operating system - it dated back to 1995 - even older than the relics they are searching for today.

I probably could have got back the $1200.00 I spent on it when I bought it new!


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