Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sonic Plaque Remover

The dental hygienists are being trained with a new piece of fancy technology for cleaning our teeth.

I must say, I was quite impressed when she was explaining to me how this Sonic Plaque Cleaner worked.

It takes her a lot less time to clean teeth, as she does not have to manually scrape the plaque off with her metal tools.

This new tool runs off the same power attachment that the rubber tip does that she polishes the teeth with.

There are several speeds, and evidently several intensities that this tool can be set for.

The little scraper on the end vibrates back and forth as warm water sprays in a fine stream from the tip.

And it does go faster - without the pain and sometimes slipping that the manual scraping can deliver.

All was going fine until she hit a spot that had me jumping out of the chair.

It was like the drill hitting a nerve when one gets a filling without the novacaine.

I scared her as much as that machine did me.

After trying a few more times, and setting the intensity of the tool a bit lower, she had to give it up.

Nerves were being hit in my teeth all over the place.

She had to return to the manual tools for this patient.

Perhaps my teeth at just too sensitive, or perhaps the settings or mechanisims in this new tool are just too harsh for my teeth.

But for the $1000 it cost for one visit to use this machine - I will just stick to the old-fashioned way!

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