Monday, December 19, 2011

Optical Cord

We purchased a new flat screen LED TV about two months ago.

We have been very pleased with the picture quality of this set, but the sound that comes out of those speakers built into it is just atrocious.

We have tried adjusting them with the settings to no avail.

We even plugged a pair of good quality speakers into the headphone jack to get a better sound.

It did sound better, but the volume on the TV set was in the high 80's.  It only went to 100.

We still couldn't hear it very well at times, and I kept thinking that the internal parts of the TV would blow up having the volume set that high, but not letting the sound come out at that high volume.

We searched online, and found a soundbar that we could add to help with the sound quality.

But it was expensive.

So we gave it some more thought, and wondered if we could set up the TV sound to come through the DVD player that has surround sound speakers attached to it.

By purchasing an optical digital cord, we could connect the two, and it should work.

It took a lot of configuring with the settings in the DVD player and the TV, but we eventually got it to work.

And the sound is great.

But when we play a VHS tape in the VCR, the sound deteriorates so badly, that all we hear after a few minutes is a mind-boggling deep hum.

It doesn't matter what tape we play, within 2-3 minutes that hum and vibration is all we hear.

We will have to do some research to find out what the problem is and how to fix it.

But we will enjoy the sound of the TV now as we use it regularly!

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