Thursday, November 17, 2011

Facebook and the Blogs

When I joined Facebook a couple of years ago, I was impressed with the way all my blogs seamlessly integrated into my feeds.

Then I joined Twitter, and that integrated just as nicely too.

My photo website also automatically posted to my wall.

I loved that one website could bring together all my sites and news into one area.

The tabs could promote my sites and interests.

It was great.

Then the tabs were taken away.

Then the networked blogs were taken away.

I now have to manually update my feed from my photo site.

And now, as of 11/22, the blogs will no longer integrate with Facebook.

We will have to manually put the posts in the feeds or use the new "notes" feature to add them to our feeds.

Pretty soon there will not be too much left to the site that works any more.

I am really disappointed and will miss this feature.

Not only for my blogs, but from the friends I follow also - I like to see their posts on my wall.

Some changes really are not for the better, and it is sad to see it going this way.

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