Saturday, October 22, 2011

New TV

We finally bit the bullet on the TV situation.

Our set was an old one - the kind with a big picture tube in it.

And it has been steadily on the decline for the past year with the picture quality getting worse by the day.

So we did our research.

And spent a lot of time in many different stores - electronic and department - searching for the best picture and size at the best price.

We wanted a 1080 resolution that was at least 24 inches in size.

And we liked the LED rather than the LCD.

And there had to be enough connections in the back for the VCR, DVD, and Xbox 360.

And since we do not have cable - there had to be an antenna connection.

After figuring out all this in the stores, we went online to find a real deal.

And we did - a 26 inch Vizeo for $180.

It met all our requirements and was a great deal.

It took an afternoon to set it up, and set-up and access to the VCR, DVD, and game console is different, but we were able to work it out.

And it was worth all the work and time we put into finding it - the picture is beautiful!


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