Friday, May 13, 2011

Camera Decisions

If you are familiar with one of my other blogs, Photography by KML, then you are aware that my camera goes everywhere I do.

I read mostly about the DSLR cameras that come out and what they have to offer.

I haven't kept up too much with all the different brands, other than the one I shoot with.

They all basically have the same workings, just a few different features depending on the brand.

I stick with the Sony line.

They are the most innovative with technology, and since they bought Minolta out a few years back, they have cornered the market in DSLR's as far as I am concerned.

I have been keeping an eye on the video cameras as well.

Since I shoot stock photography, I would like to try my hand at video clips as well.

Carrying two separate kinds of cameras around is just a bit too much, so I started looking at what was available as a combo unit.

For the last year, Sony has been putting a video mode in select DSLR cameras.

And from what I have read, the videos are really good quality.

So, I have been giving serious thought to one of these new DSLR cameras with the video mode in them.

Just wish they were not so expensive!


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