Friday, February 18, 2011

Monitor Color Management

I am sure that most people have no idea about how their computer monitors display the colors of everything on the screen.
I have been selling online for many years, and I remember one customer was very concerned about the color of a shirt I had online.
The one in the department store just like it wasn't the same color that my picture was on her computer.
I started thinking, how can I explain it to her in a simple manner.
I just ended up telling her that no two monitors display colors the same way, so matching them that way was not going to work.
Even the camera taking the photos can have an affect on the outcome.
It helps to set everything with the same profile, but there is no way to change the monitor on the other end that is doing the viewing.
Even the brightness setting has an affect on the color display.
Before I started selling my photos online, I had no idea how important is was to have a correctly calibrated monitor.
There are severaldevices that can do that, and in my next post, I will discuss the one I used.

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