Thursday, July 15, 2010

Microsoft Wireless Explorer Mouse

This was the first wireless piece of equipment that I purchase for my computer over a year ago.

It plug and played very easily on my new system, but the old one took some fiddling around with the mouse options in the control panel several times to get it working.

Not sure why as they are both running the same operating system with all of the same software programs installed on them.

One is an old IBM, and the other is a Dell - must be something about the IBM that didn't recognize it.

This mouse has a rechargeable docking station, and each charge is supposed to last three weeks.

That must be for the average computer user.

Mine has to be charged every night and sometimes it even needs it during the day.

Even though, I love this five button wireless mouse.

It can be used on any surface and the buttons are programmable to what you would like them to do.

A big time and click saver for me.

I have found though, that this mouse just stops works for no apparent reason at all in the middle of using it.

It just freezes on the screen - no moving around or mouse buttons working.

Sticking on the charging dock doesn't help it.

Tapping it on the desk top doesn't do anything either.

But I have found that removing the rechargeable battery and letting it sit that way for a few minutes, then putting it all back together again, fixes that problem.

Works perfectly again.

Perhaps it just needs a break - don't we all sometimes!

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